Friday, April 6, 2012

My Favorite Workout Songs

Sometimes you find just the right song to workout to. For me it depends on what I am doing; running, cycling, spinning or the dreaded floor exercise. I choose my music to help motivate me, keep me pushing forward, to drown out the pain or silence the sound of me gasping for air (my son says I sound like a pug when I run) or the whining like a toddler. Below is a list of my favorite songs:

Metallica: Suicide and Redemption (spinning/climbing)
Offspring: You're Gonna Go Far, Kid (running)
Eminem: Till I Collapse (spinning)
Shinedown: Diamond Eyes (spinning)
Linkin Park: Never back down (spinning)
Tantric: Down and Out (running)
Volbeat: Warrior's Call (anytime I need to drown out my thoughts)
Cranberries: Linger (floor exercise)
U2: Beautiful Day (floor exercise)
Foo Fighters: All My Life (running)
Alice in Chains: Rooster (floor exercise)
Radiohead: Creep (floor exercise)
Coldplay: Yellow (floor exercise)
Foo Fighters: Best of You (running)
Oasis: Wonderwall (spinning/climbing)
Disturbed: Stupify (running and anytime I need to drown out my thoughts)

This is a short list of my favorites. I love music and especially rock. If you have a song that you use to workout with and want to share please pass it along.


  1. Yep....I've only heard of 4 of those bands....sheesh, I feel old! lol

    Love the pic, too! You all look so healthy! :o)

  2. I hope Coldplay was one of the bands you were familiar with, if not you need to check them out; their music is beautiful, soothing and inspiring. You could quilt listening to Coldplay in the background for sure.

    Thanks for your comments and help with blogging.